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Writer's Block: Funniest Thing Ever.

In between visits to national parks in Africa in 2000 we paid a visit to a sanctuary for old and injured lions.  There was one enclosure that had this rather moth bitten old lion who was a permanent resident of the sanctuary as there was no way he'd survive if they released him back in to the wild.  I went right up to the edge to watch this guy and was thrilled when he started to slowly amble over.  About 2 feet from the fence he just turned around.  I assumed he wasn't that interested and was about to walk off.  What I didn't realise was that what he was really thinking was 'Oh great, another one!!!" and he promptly released a jet of pee out through fence that managed to get me in the face (seriously!) and down my torso and arms. 

Actually as I write this I'm not sure I find it funny rather than cringeworthy!  But having said that, the others in my group thought it was hysterical so I  guess it was funny :)  I mean seriously, how many people can honestly say that they've been marked by a lion?? 

Writer's Block: Step into My Closet

How many pairs of shoes do I own?  Probably more than I should have!
Somewhere between 25 and 30 pairs - that includes 2 pairs slippers, 1 pair of hiking boots and 1 pair of trainers.  They're my shoes here in New Zealand - not including shoes back home in Ireland.
Out of those I would ordinarily wear about 15 pairs fairly regularly depending on the season (that list includes the hiking boots, trainers and slippers of course!)
Have I mentioned that I like shoes?  :)